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Suburban Youth Symphony Orchestra Students Selected for El Seminario

Carolyn Canty, Park Forest, and Mariah Saban Rice, Palos Park have been selected to

attend and perform at the National Seminario Ravinia. Both have been selected from

Suburban Youth Symphony Orchestra based on skill, outstanding progress, and their

commitment to Suburban Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Students will begin rehearsals, workshops, and social activities on July 7 and perform a

concert at Ravinia on Wednesday, July 10, 2024. This international orchestral

performance will feature students from 42 participating organizations and come from 18

US states, Mexico, Canada, Greece, and Sweden. Students will perform Finlandia, by

Sibelius, a John Williams collection of movie music, and an original composition by

Brian Nabors.

Carolyn loves the beauty of violin music, and music in general, and she is excited to

learn the music for the Finlandia performance and National Seminario Ravinia.  She

says, “Don’t be afraid to try new music, because otherwise you’ll never know how

satisfying it can be to play it.” Carolyn is a private violin student of Brian Ostrega.

Mariah loves playing the violin and is thrilled to have the opportunity to play with other

students in an international orchestra this summer. Mariah studied violin privately with

Janet Kuester.

Both students were selected by Suburban Youth Symphony Orchestra, an El Sistema

inspired orchestra program that gives access and opportunity to students of the Chicago

southland to experience quality instruction and orchestral playing.

For further information about Suburban Youth Symphony Orchestra, a 501 c3 not for

profit visit our website www,

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