SYSO/IOP Mid-semester update: Benefit Concerts / Rebroadcasts

We are about halfway through our Fall semester and lots of exciting things have been going on.

First, we are very grateful to Linda Veleckis Nussbaum and Lisa Kristina for putting on a fabulous live-stream benefit concert at St. Peter's church. If you missed it, don't fear! You can find rebroadcasts on our YouTube and Facebook pages!

Speaking of Rebroadcasts, our SYSO members have been rehearsing together, and all of the magic is captured each week on Facebook! So whether you're a current student, and interested student, or just curious about our operations check it out. You can find these videos Facebook or YouTube. Follow the links on our Resources page.

Our IOP kids have been working virtually with Ms Carolina. We are excited to see the progress they have been making!

Be on the lookout for new videos from our SYSO students! On Oct. 25, our students will be visiting the Tall Grass Arts Association to take some videos.

More updates to come as the semester continues to roll on. :)


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