Suburban Youth Symphony Orchestra 

Our top performing ensemble provides orchestra training for students that already play a string instrument with confidence.  Students play different styles of music and further develop reading, rhythm, and ensemble skills, and learn how conducting works.  In addition, they receive a master class as well as coaching from highly trained classical musicians during a chamber music segment mid-season.  Multiple opportunities for attending Illinois Philharmonic Concerts are offered and encouraged for a rounded educational experience.  

General Program Description: Rehearsals are held Sunday afternoons, 3-5:30PM, beginning in September, and run through the beginning of May.  SYSO students participate in the three major concerts of the season.  They also participate in a pre-concert performance at the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra.

Total program cost is $420 for the year, or $235 per semester.  Financial aid is available to qualified students.  Please email if you wish to request an application for financial aid.

Audition Fee

Payment of a $10 audition fee is required prior to your audition and may be paid via PayPal.  

Fill out the form found below once your audition fee is paid.


Audition Requirements

Students who have played their instrument for at least one year, have a private instructor, and are between the ages of 8 and 17 are welcome to audition and should prepare the following:


  • 4 minutes contrasting repertoire

  • Major scales through 3 flats and sharps (2 or more octaves)

  • Sight-reading

Due to current conditions, we are currently accepting Video submissions for the 2020-21 audition process. Videos may be submitted to It is encouraged you fill out the audition request form.

To secure an audition via PayPal, please click on the button below.  Thank you!