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Tuition Payment
Incredible Opportunity Program, One Semester $165
Incredible Opportunity Program, Full Season $280
Suburban Youth Symphony Orchestra, One Semester $235
Suburban Youth Symphony Orchestra, Full Season $420
Incredible Opportunity 'Quantum Leap' Program

Are you ready to take a Quantum Leap?


This Summer, the Incredible Opportunity Program is offering a 10- week session which includes 10 private and 10 group lessons. This program will be available via ZOOM. Students who wish to participate must have taken 1-3 years of group or private violin instruction.


The Program will offer the following packages:

  • 30-minute private lesson: $250

  • 60-minute private lesson: $500

  • 120-minute private lesson: $900

*All packages will include a 45-minute group class.

The classes will be held on Sundays. Dates for this Summer's program are:

  • May - 16,23

  • June - 6,13,20

  • July - 11,18

  • August - 8,15,22

Please fill out the registration form below to sign up. Scholarship information is available upon request. We do hope you'll join us! Sign up today!

Quantum Leap Program, 30-minute Lessons and 45-minute Group Class
Quantum Leap Program, 60-minute Lessons and 45-minute Group Class
Quantum Leap Program, 120-minute Lessons and 45-minute Group Class

Quantum Leap Program Registration

To register, please fill out the information below.